AHS Rescue is a Phoenix, Arizona based company that provides rescue equipment and training for fire departments, rope access technicians, search and rescue personel, and more. AHS Rescue was built using ASP.NET Store Front. It's a commerce web site that features rescue products, kits, and training.
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AHS Rescue
AHS Rescue website / commerce
Big Eye is a sushi bar and restaurant that provides North Scottsdale with great sushi. I was lucky enough to design their lunch, dinner, drink, and sushi menus.
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Big Eye
Big Eye graphic / menu
The BZ Player is a Flash based MP3 music player that is very flexible and capable customized very easily. You can choose the layout of the buttons, the colors, categories, and more all from the xml file or the url queries.
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BZ Player
BZ Player flash / audio
Desert Voyagers is a partner company of AHS Rescue. DV is primarily a rental company, but also a boating outfitter and teacher of many outdoor classes. This site was designed using Drupal 7. This site features a plugin I made to display interactive river runs using the Google Maps API.
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Desert Voyagers
Desert Voyagers website / drupal
Hiking Shack is a outdoor outfitter that carries hundreds of premium outdoor manufactures. This site was made using Drupal 7 and the commerce side uses ASP.NET Store Front.
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Hiking Shack
Hiking Shack website / drupal
MH Signs was a startup company that specialized in decals and custom t-shirts. This site featured some of their work using a Flash fullscreen image viewer.
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MH Signs
MH Signs website / flash